Computer Repair

With over 19 year experience in desktop PC repairs, we have seen every type of repair! You computer is in safe hands!

Laptop Repair

At Fife Computers we specialise in laptop repair of all makes and models. Broken Screens, HDD Failures, Liquid Damage? No Problem, quick turnaround!

Virus & Spyware Removal

We can tackle even the most stubborn virus, malware, adware and spyware. Drop you device in today for a full security audit, clean and repair!

Data Backup & Recovery

Hard drive failed? Broken USB stick? Formatted memory card? We have a great success rate at recovering those precious documents and pictures!

Hardware Upgrades

Needing a new video card to improve FPS? Need faster data transfer and access times? Needing additional memory? We can help!

Networking Issues

Slow internet? Poor reception in certain parts of the house or garden. We can assist by performing a site visit to recommend products that can improve your online experience! Call us today!

Software Installation & Upgrades

Running Windows XP or Vista. Software no longer supported? We can advise of operating system, applicaiton and security software upgrades

Backup Services

Worried about the safety of your data? Whether you are a small business or home user we have many solutions to fit your needs. Call us today!

Computer Health Check

Needing a health check or service? At Fife Computers we can give your computer a full overhaul and reclaim that lost performance!