1. These terms and conditions (“Terms “) apply to diagnostic, analytical, repair, part replacement, maintenance and other out-of-warranty services (“Services”, “Servicing” or similar term) by Fife Computers.
  2. These Terms apply to any (“Customer”) Computer.

Diagnostic Fee/Estimates

  1. We can provide an estimate before a repair is carried out. In order to provide this estimate, we need to spend time diagnosing the problem. Our diagnostic / estimate fee is up to £35 (1 hours labour).
  2. Printer diagnostics is chargeable at £15.

Customer Data Policy

  1. Customer accepts full responsibility for their software and data.
  2. Where possible, it is recommended that the customer takes a backup of their data prior to any work being carried out if at all possible.
  3. Although Fife Computers take every step to preserve customer’s data, we do not accept responsibility for data which is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered during repair.

Uncollected Items

  1. Customer’s computers once repaired or declared irreparable, must be collected within 21 days from the time the customer is informed. If the customer fails to collect the repaired or unrepaired computer, we reserve the right to charge the customer for storage at a rate of £3 a day until the passage of a maximum of 12 weeks.
  2. The customer must claim or collect the computer within 12 weeks, otherwise the computer will be recycled for parts and the customer will lose ownership of the computer.


  1. The above repair work is guaranteed for a period of 28 days from the above repair date. It is the onus of the customer to check the repair within the 28 days.
  2. Any fault arising thereafter will be chargeable at the standard repair and labour prices. FIFE Computers are not liable for any further faults that may appear due to the result of the repair.
  3. FIFE Computers only guarantee the initial listed/reported fault, and the work done to rectify said fault


  1. All repairs must be paid in full before or at the time of collection.
  2. We accept all forms of Credit and Debit Card, and Cash.
  3. We do not accept personal cheques
  4. We only accept business cheques by prior arrangement, and at our discretion.