Virus Removal

Complete Removal | Security Audit | Comprehensive Diagnotics

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Computer running slower than usual.
  • Advertisments and pop-ups.
  • strange search results.
  • Unable to access files.

These are just some signs that your computer may be infected with a virus or some form of malware, spyware or adware. These can often infect the computer by clicking on a fake email zip file which pretends to be an invoice, delivery traking info or an HMRC tax rebate.

Many of these unwanted infections can lead to loss of data, identity theft and fraud.

Fortunately at Fife Computers we have specialist tools to help you out.

On all our virus removals and repairs to carry out the following tasks

  • Diagnose the issue using out specialised Fife Computers software suite.
  • Edit start-up and services.
  • Remove all viruses, malware, ad-ware and ransomware from the device.
  • Perform full system software clean-up.
  • Apply software optimisations to improve performance.
  • Uninstall unwanted applications.
  • Check for valid security software.
  • Perform hardware checks.
  • Defragmentation of registry and hard drive.
Book A Repair
  • Memory Upgrade
  • All Brands Repair
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Battery Replacement
  • 28 Day Repair Warranty
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Cracked hinges or Panels
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Hard drive Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair
As a small local business I cannot afford computer "down time." Fife Computers installed a state of the art back up system, installed new software, supplied a new laptop, reinstalled essential software and supplied additional computer components, all on site with no interruption in service - I would highly recommend this company.

Angela Prescott

Owner, Bespoke Property Sales
My laptop is now working very well so I am grateful to you for the prompt and efficient service you provided. I will certainly be happy to use your company in future.

J. Bell

Retail Customer